Mike was born and raised in eastern Oregon.  After graduating from Multnomah Bible College, he served as a youth pastor and then as an associate pastor in eastern Oregon and came to Sandy Baptist Church in 2016.  He and his wife, Stephanie, were married in 2004 and have three children.
Mike loves hiking, hunting, fishing, basketball, soccer, and anything he can do with his family.  He is passionate about seeing God’s Church mature in accurate theology, God-centered worship, and a heart for making disciples.
Patrick grew up around the Portland Area. He and his wife Katelyn met in sixth grade, and started dating in high school.  Patrick attended Multnomah University where he got his undergraduate degree in Bible and Theology as well as Youth Ministry.  Currently, he is working toward a Master’s degree in Hebrew Scriptures at Multnomah Biblical Seminary.  In their spare time, Patrick and Katelyn love to explore the Columbia Gorge and the Oregon Coast, drink espresso at coffee shops, and do a lot of reading – especially books by C.S. Lewis.  They both love serving students and are passionate about helping young people mature into ardent followers of Christ..


Troy Burks
Dave Busch
Curt Gustafson
Rich Marshall
Dan Reynoldson


Clay Allen – Visitation
Doug Jones – Building
Brian Merrell – Fellowship & Outreach
Randy Ojua – Deacon at Large
Greg Renfro – Deacon’s Fund
Jeff Saul – Grounds
Dave Wolfe – Guest Services

Other Staff

Teresa Merrell – Secretary
Jeri Reynoldson – Pre-school
Dakota Searles – Worship Director