Worship Service Update
We are excited to announce that we are able to meet for in person church service beginning this Sunday, December 6th to continue our Advent series. We are committed to the safety of all who attend, and in order to be able to gather, the elders of the church are requiring everyone to wear masks at all times while in the building. We will continue to be socially distanced while in the building, dividing up into multiple areas. We are encouraging people to stagger their exits, with no pausing in the foyer. We believe that these minor inconveniences are worth it in order to be able to gather together!
If you have comments or questions, please speak to someone before Sunday morning. 
If you have any questions, call one of the elders, or the church office at (503) 668-3292 or email secretary@sandybaptist.org
We will also be posting updates on our Facebook page